“What you do EVERYDAY matters more than what you do EVERY ONCE in a while.”

~ 90 Minute Consultation

In this session we will establish your goals and make a plan towards achieving them. You will bring your packet that I emailed to you, and we will review it together to move forward. We will discuss where you are in your life, mentally, physically and emotionally so we can determine changes for you that will become a positive lifestyle change that you want to see in your life. We will determine your (BMI) body mass index and physical activity, to then determine the customized program suitable for you to reach your goals. We will discuss what
nutrient-dense foods are and mindful eating. How to grocery shop for healthy food and how to meal prep, which will lead to successful results. You will leave this session with excitement and encouragement of how this can be a starting point of YOUR HEALTHY JOURNEY.

~ 1 Month Program

This program is perfect if you are not ready to commit to my full 3 month customized program, yet want to see how health nutrition, wellness and lifestyle coaching can help you. I will provide you with a “clean eating” grocery list. We will discuss healthy eating habits and I will provide you with multiple examples. The focus through this 1
month program is to be realistic, be flexible, be adventurous and be sensible. Each week we will talk about progress, challenges and positive goals for success.

We will meet once a week for a 45minute session.

** Grocery shopping tour with label education 45 minutes

~3 Month Program

This is an amazing program if you are ready to make the commitment on making a lifestyle change! I will create a customized program for you, help you set goals, and help you attain them. This program will help you establish solid long-term habits of changing your relationship with food and establish a healthy sustainable lifestyle. The food we eat is so vitally important in affecting us from the way we feel emotionally to how our skin looks, what are energy levels are like, and what you think. If you can change this and make it your lifestyle it will be one of
the most rewarding things you’ll ever do! It is my commitment for you to see dramatic changes with your health and happiness throughout this program.

We will meet once a week for a 45minute session

** Grocery shopping tour with label education 45 minutes- Included

Additional Services

~ Fitness Coaching 45 minutes

**I am not a certified personal trainer**

This is a program that helps you get active and be healthy. This coaching will internally inspire your mind and will be designed for your needs. My goal is to reach out to you on a mental, physical and social level. I will encourage you and motivate you to achieve your goals. This is extremely effective for individuals who prefer to exercise privately, while you dance to the beat of your “weightloss ” playlist!

~Lifestyle and Image Coaching 45 minutes

You, my client are the only one who truly knows you. As your coach, I can help you discover what your own personal “best” is. Your image is a combination of your interior assurance and your exterior style!
We are all unique and we are all special. In my coaching it is my goal to help you achieve clarity and confidence with your self -image.